Hypnobot sorts words and phrases into the following categories:

Sentence structures: Currently "Become X when Y" and "X (Y) when Z"
Change words: Ways to say that you "become" something.
Behavior categories: Things like "trained to" "compelled to" "want to" "need to" "must".
Durations: When and how long the suggestion takes effect (forever, trigger phrase, etc.)
Verb structures: Currently intransitive verbs, transitive verbs towards plural objects, and a transitive verb to the hypnotist.
Intransitive verbs: Things like "Orgasm" "Bark" "Sit"
"Clothes": Things you can wear. Collars, panties, leashes.
"Memories": Things you can forget. Your name, a number.
Transitive verbs: Things like "obey" "worship" "praise"

If you have any suggested additions to any of these categories, or even new categories, please let me know by emailing them to mutt@hypnobot.space. or by sending an ask/message to my blog: jackalmutt.tumblr.com

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